Bear Guard Training

Bear Guard Training focuses on bear behavior and how humans can be safe around bears in field work sites.  The combined expertise of bear deterrent specialists, wildlife officers, traditional knowledge holders and scientists informs the training.

 BEARWISE developed core bear guard training in partnership with Parks Canada, Nunavut Department of Environment and the World Wildlife Fund. Course content is reviewed and updated as additional information becomes available and to suit client needs.

Topics covered:

  • Bear safety training relevant to the area of work
  • Purpose, responsibilities, duties and primary Actions of bear guards working in the field or camp
  • Reconnaissance and bear watch techniques including monitor positioning
  • Wildlife deterrents, uses and limitations
  • Defence of life or property situations
  • Firearm and monitoring equipment maintenance
  • Live fire session at outside range
  • Student demonstration of safe firearm handling skills in field scenarios
  • Setting up an electric bear fence (Optional)

Prerequisite: Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

Training Venue: Client arranged. Your operational base or field camps.

Time Requirement: Two to three days customized according to bear species to be covered and client specifications.

Group Size: Maximum of 30 people per session

Rate: BEARWISE uses a Per Diem rate, contact