Bear Safety Site Audits

Bear Safety Site Audits – provide a fresh perspective on how to improve sites and procedures to lessen wildlife issues. Corrective actions taken as a result of the audit can decrease risk to people and property and help fulfill safety and environmental commitments.

Key focus areas of a BEARWISE bear safety site audit are:

  • Incineration – handling procedures, garbage management practices
  • Kitchen – food storage, cooking grease, garbage and barbeque
  • Waste Water – sewage and grey water
  • Camp Layout and Design – structure spacing, skirting, lighting and windows
  • Lubricant and chemical storage

A BEARWISE Bear Safety audit begins with a full reconnaissance of the site by Andy McMullen accompanied by appropriate site staff. During the walk-around Andy notes current good practices, potential wildlife hazards and possible solutions. On-site Andy presents site supervisors with the audit findings and proposes mitigation measures, encouraging staff to consider any operational constraints. Discussion results in agreement to final recommendations and areas that require further research.

Off-site BEARWISE re-iterates findings in a confidential final report that includes background information, audit findings, agreed upon solutions to observed hazards, and encouragement to keep up current successful practices.

Time Required: Two days; one day on site and one day off-site to conduct research and produce the audit report.

Rate: BEARWISE uses a Per Diem rate, contact

NOTE: Audits can be done in conjunction with on-site bear safety training.